Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez are sports’ biggest couple at the moment, and now that they’re engaged A-Rod seems to be everywhere. He’s doing profiles and late-night appearances, and it seems like you can’t look around without hearing about Rodriguez and his proposal.

Rodriguez appeared on “The Tonight Show” with Jimmy Fallon to talk about his engagement, and why it became such a big phenomenon.

It took A-Rod literal months (try six of them) to plan the proposal, and he apparently had to propose to his assistant three times just to make sure the moment would be perfect.

“I rehearsed three days in a row,” Rodriguez said. “Because I wanted the sunset to be perfect … So one time the sunset was at 6:27. The next day it was 6:29. And the third day it was raining.”

Rodriguez added that it “worked out well.”

This is all pretty in-line with how Rodriguez has been. He’s been carefully cultivating his image for a while now, and after the proposal both her and Lopez posted similar photos of the engagement. The Alex Rodriguez Image Rehab Tour has been rolling on ever since, and it seems to be going better than ever.



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