The return of Yasiel Puig to his former stomping grounds, Dodger Stadium, came in dramatic fashion Monday night. Not only was it Puig’s return, but it was Clayton Kershaw’s first start of the season as he was returning from the injured list. Puig won the battle in the first inning with a bang: 

Man, there are some layers here. First off, for years there have been rumors that Kershaw doesn’t much care for Puig. Also, there was a long article on Bleacher Report Monday morning regarding Puig and the Dodgers and a picture was painted by people in and around the organization that many of them also didn’t much care for Puig. 

Then, before the game, much ado was made by the Los Angeles media that Puig was “late” to the ballpark to get his National League championship ring (Matt Kemp, Alex Wood and Kyle Farmer got theirs), though Reds manager David Bell disputes that Puig was required to be there: 

So it would seem the Dodgers wanted Puig there and he didn’t go for whatever reason. He’s certainly not required to follow their rules anymore. 

And then, BOOM, the home run off Kershaw in the first. Reality can be just as entertaining as fiction. 



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