It’s been more than two months since the last time Todd Gurley played in an NFL game, and although his left knee has had time to heal, there’s some serious question about whether the Rams running back is fully healthy. 

Gurley attended the Rams’ first voluntary workout Monday, and for the first time this offseason, the Rams running back answered a few questions about his knee, which is apparently doing pretty well. 

“It’s feeling pretty good,” Gurley said, via “Taking it day by day.”

Back on March 1, reported that Gurley would potentially consider stem cell treatment if his knee regressed at all during the offseason. One day later, the Athletic reported that Gurley was dealing with arthritis in his left knee

During his interview on Monday, Gurley offered a simple “not really” when he was asked if there was any discussion about having a procedure done on his knee this offseason. Gurley was also asked if there was a long-term plan in place for his knee, and he responded to that by saying that he’s more focused on the present. 

“All I need to worry about is how I’m feeling right now,” Gurley said. “I don’t know how I’m going to be feeling six months from now. So like I said, just kind of keep working hard, doing what I’ve been doing these past couple of years.”

As for that arthritis, Gurley gave a vague answer when he was asked directly if that’s what he was dealing with. 

“I mean, all I can focus on is how I’m doing right now,” Gurley said. “Feeling pretty good, like I said, taking it day by day and just trying to get better, get ready for the next season.”

Rams general manager Les Snead was equally evasive last month when he was asked if Gurley was dealing with arthritis. Snead was asked to give a “yes” or “no” to the question, but he decided to go with a third option. 

“With all NFL players when it comes to trying to be fresh at the end of the year, there is an element of probably shades of gray of how fresh you are and what that reason is,” Snead said, via “So I would counter your, ‘It’s either a yes or a no.’ I’m not sure you’ve ever gone through a 16-game NFL season, but if you have you probably would understand that shade of gray.”

One thing that’s not gray is the fact that Gurley’s knee definitely gave him issues in 2018, so it’s fair to wonder whether or not that’s going to happen again in 2019. Gurley missed the final two games of the regular season, which the Rams attributed at the time to soreness and inflammation in his knee. 

Two months into the offseason, Rams coach Sean McVay likes where Gurley’s knee is at, but he did admit they’ll be monitoring him closely. 

“He’s in a good place right now. He’s feeling good,” McVay said. “I know it was good to get back in the building. He’s been here doing some things. That’s really something that as the offseason progresses and then as we get into training camp, he’s a guy that we will continue to monitor, but it’s like that with all of our players.”

Based on all the answers the Rams having been giving this offseason, it’s starting to feel like no one outside of Los Angeles is really going to know how Gurley’s knee is healing until he actually gets back on the field. 



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