A shocking display of anger produced an even more shocking moment in MLS action on Sunday night. Red Bulls midfielder Kaku, furious in the late stages of a 2-2 draw at Sporting Kansas City, intentionally kicked the ball into the stands. The problem, aside from kicking it into the stands, was that he drilled the ball to the first row, which was just yards away. The ball nailed a Sporting fan right in the face, and Kaku got a red card. Take a look:

Cowardice defined. Just shocking. For anyone who has played the sport, a soccer ball to the face doesn’t feel good. Now imagine it being off the foot of a professional just yards away. The Red Bulls are looking into the matter, and the expectation is for the league to as well. Here’s a chance to set a precedence and protect the fans. A severe, lengthy suspension is warranted, as is a massive fine. He likely will get a handful of games, maybe a tad more, but I’d be more than fine with him having to sit the rest of the season for doing something like that.

We all lose our cool from time to time, but this was taken to another level. 

Kaku did apologize after the match, but the damage was already done:

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