The top of the leaderboard at the 2019 Masters has been clogged for much of the weekend — Sunday included. We’ve had anywhere from one leader to a half-dozen sharing the lead at any given times, which opens up the possibility that the fourth and final round will end in a stalemate.

If at the end of that 72nd hole of there are two or more golfers tied for the lead, there will be a playoff. No, they won’t have multiple green jackets made — there are no co-winners in golf. The format is as cutthroat as it is high-stakes: sudden death.

Leaders at the conclusion of the 72nd hole will start on the 18th hole. If no winner emerges, they will then play the 10th and bounce back and forth between the two holes until someone steps up and earns the green jacket.

Holly, hole No. 18, is a grueling 465-yard par 4 that requires a pristine drive off the tee. It’s a slight dog-leg left with towering trees on both sides of the second cut and a bunker complex, too. Average scores on the hole the first three rounds this week were 4.258.

Camellia, hole No. 10, is a 495-yard par 4 that is historically the toughest hole at Augusta National. It requires a hard hook to gain extra distance, and drives that go too far right leave a near-impossibly long second shot; drives too far left will likely find the trees. Average scores at the hole this week were 4.221 in the first three rounds.

If we don’t crown a winner at the conclusion of the 72nd hole at Augusta National on Sunday, you can be sure the winner in a playoff will be deserving if they can fend off their foes on two of the toughest holes on the course.

As far as when that playoff will begin? That’s anyone’s guess considering inclement weather appears to be in the cards Sunday afternoon.



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