AUGUSTA, Ga. — Weather always plays a pivotal factor when it comes to golf tournaments, but it becomes much more crucial when it pertains to the most important golf event of the year. The 2019 Masters began Thursday at Augusta National Golf Club, and the weather was relatively mild. Yes, it was hot on the course — at times excruciatingly slow — but the skies were clear and 18 holes of golf were played without issue.

Those are not the conditions that are being experienced Friday morning in Augusta. Rain is expected all day on Friday with consistent showers through the 10 a.m. ET hour. It should become more clear entering the afternoon with chances of rain ranging from 15-25 percent midday, but isolated and scattered thunderstorms are on deck for the early evening with a 35-45 percent chance of rain over the 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. hours.

It’s not just the rain that is concerning as golfers can play through a drizzle or light sun shower; it’s the potential lightning that is an issue. There is also expected to be rough weather on Sunday with high winds and afternoon thunderstorms.

The Masters is not immune to inclement weather as delays are common on these grounds. Still, there has not been a Monday finish at the Masters since 1983.

As long as the grounds of Augusta National do not get too wet, the sub-air system should help ensure solid course conditions through the weekend. For now, all of that remains to be seen as we wait to find out what the sky has in store for the 87 men vying to play the weekend.

Here’s an hour-by-hour forecast for Friday from the Weather Channel and projected weather through the weekend in Augusta.

Day Description High / Low Precipitation Humidity Wind


Scattered thunderstorms

84 / 67



S 9 mph


Morning thunderstorms

85 / 68



SSE 7 mph


Afternoon thunderstorms

82 / 55



S 16 mph



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