Most baseball fans know that this year’s All-Star Game will take place in Cleveland, Ohio and that next year’s will be played in Los Angeles, California. After that, though, future sites had remained unannounced.  

That will change next week, it seems, as MLB has reportedly decided to play the 2026 edition of the All-Star Game in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. An official announcement is expected in the coming days — and yes, it will come before we learn who and where will host from 2022-25:

It’s easy to see what MLB is doing here — in plain terms, they want to help celebrate America’s 250th birthday. As such, expect myriad stars and stripes and attempts at patriotic displays and reminders that baseball is technically the country’s pastime. 

Let us be the first to hope that we’ll also get another Bryce Harper appearance in the Home Run Derby. 



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