Remember when that nun fired a perfect first pitch to spice up an otherwise forgettable 2018 Chicago White Sox season. She’s back.

Less than a year after she went viral for tossing a strike before the Sox took on the Kansas City Royals in August, Sister Mary Jo Sobieck and her divine arm were back on the diamond Thursday to throw the first pitch ahead of the St. Louis Cardinals’ game against the Los Angeles Dodgers. And the second time around was even more special for the Marian Catholic High School nun from Illinois, and not just because Sobieck is apparently a huge Cardinals fan.

No, MLB‘s favorite product of the abbey drew even more praise on Thursday for bringing some added heat to her throw — another perfect strike, by the looks of it.

Earlier this week, Sister Mary Jo secured her status as an up-and-coming ace, reportedly signing hundreds of copies of her own baseball trading card — one specially by Topps after her heavenly 2018 debut.



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