As the Masters began on Thursday at Augusta National, another city in Georgia is paying homage to Tiger Woods. The Atlanta Braves are streaking — 7-1 in their last eight games — and they’re the holders of MLB Twitter’s most bizarre meme: photos of Tiger Woods.

MLB Twitter is, by and large, not exactly renowned for its memes. But Braves fans on the social media network are reinventing that, making one that really shouldn’t have picked up any traction at all.

Credit appears to go to Talking Chop’s Scott Coleman of SB Nation, who explained the origin of #TheMovement on the site’s podcast.

“There’s a photo of Tiger Woods … it’s him smiling, but he looks like he’s about to cry,” Coleman said on the podcast. “It’s from years ago, he looks young in it. For whatever reason a few years back, I posted it once. it’s one of those, it’s easier to laugh than to cry. I posted it once and it kind of caught on and it’s been my thing for however many years now.”

Coleman added that eventually some Braves folks began adding Woods to their avatars, and it caught on. Coleman’s pinned tweet is a photo of Woods.

But the photo in question expresses a lot more.

Even the Braves’ account has taken notice.

It’s bizarre, but hey. Ronald Acuna and Ozzie Albies are locked up for the immediate future and the Braves have started strong. So who are we to question the forces of the internet?



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