The NFL’s 2019 regular season schedule hasn’t been released yet, but apparently, Odell Beckham has somehow already managed to get his hands on a copy of Cleveland’s schedule. 

The Browns receiver sent out a tweet on Wednesday night and it seems that he’s pretty excited about who the Browns will be playing in Week 1.  

Of course, the obvious downside of that tweet is that it’s just a gigantic tease, because it doesn’t actually say who the Browns will be playing in their opener. 

The good news here is that Odell did drop another hint, but instead of posting it on Twitter, he went to the Instagram page of Jamal Adams, and yes, I’m definitely starting to feel like I’m on some sort of social media scavenger hunt. 

Anyway, here’s the picture that Adams posted on Wednesday. 

After seeing the picture, Odell proceeded to comment on it with another schedule hint, and let’s just say, his second hint was much less subtle. 

Odell apparently just made a big schedule announcement on Instagram.  Instagram

That appears to be Odell’s way of saying that the Browns will be opening with the Jets this year. 

If that ends up being the case it would make a lot of sense. For one, it would explain Odell’s tweet. If Cleveland is opening against the Jets, the means Beckham’s first game with the Browns will be played at MetLife Stadium, which is where Beckham played for the first five years of his career. 

The NFL could also add another twist to this game by putting it on Monday night. The 2019 season marks the 50th anniversary of Monday Night Football and it just so happens that the first Monday game ever played back in 1970 was between the Browns and the Jets. For the NFL, nothing would be more fitting than having those two teams kick off the season on Monday night. 

Although the 2019 schedule hasn’t been released yet, we do know plenty about it, including two of the other games that will be played in Week 1. For a deeper look at the many things we already know about the 2019 schedule, be sure to click here. For a look at all 65 games on the NFL preseason schedule, be sure to click here



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