“A Song of Ice and Fire” readers look away, because George R.R. Martin is doing something other than writing again. The mind behind HBO’s “Game of Thrones” saw that Odell Beckham Jr. was traded to the Browns Tuesday night, and he took the news about as well as any Giants fans out there who haven’t lost all reason.

In a blog post titled “Kill Me Now,” Martin had quite a bit to say about the deal. And it wasn’t just about Beckham. He’s about as clear on the Giants’ plan as series watchers are on the role of the Three-Eyed Raven.

The Giants are GOING FOR IT ALL, clearly.

Yes, they are.   During the season they traded their best run-stopper, [Damon] Snacks Harrison.   Come to offseason, they let Landon Collins, an All-Pro safety and the heart of their defense, walk for nothing.   Then they traded their best pass rusher, Olivier Vernon.

However, it appears that the Beckham trade is the one that really sent him over the wall.

And now they have traded OBJ.  Their best wideout, and one of the very best in the NFL.  I’ve been watching and rooting for the G-Men since “the Greatest Game Ever Played” in 1958.  Beckham was not only the best receiver on today’s Giants, but he was the best receiver this storied NFL franchise has EVER had in their long history, and probably the best receiver they will ever have.   They are certainly not going to replace him with the 17th overall pick in the forthcoming draft.

To Mr. Martin I would say… you’re probably right. He asked if there was an outstanding talent coming out of next year’s draft, and there are quite a few — but they’re mostly pass rushers. He added that it appears the Giants want the first overall pick in 2020, which is hard to argue with right now.

It’s been a rough start to the new league year for the Giants, who have a lot of work to do. Even one of their most ardent supporters, a man who is well-versed in making other people miserable, doesn’t understand why they’re doing what they’re doing.



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