There are few things better to watch than a goal scored due to complete neglect. Carlisle United FC — of English Football League Two (the fourth-highest division of professional soccer in the country) –showed that the hard way against Notts County on Tuesday, when Hallam Hope buried a downright embarrassing goal on keeper Ryan Schofield.

The play starts with Schofield teeing up a goal kick, but as he’s doing it Hope lurks behind him in net behind him. As Schofield is about to kick it off, he nonchalantly rolls the ball out, and suddenly Hope comes screaming in to steal the ball, successfully shoot into an empty net and give Carlisle United FC its first goal of the match 76 minutes in. 

You can see it at the 1:14 timestamp here:

It is just ridiculous that no one on Notts County thought it would be prudent to warn Schofield. Even though the team showed a startling lack of awareness, Notts County would go on to win 3-1. Still, that’s a pretty big blemish on a shutout, and manager Neal Ardley may want to have some words with his team about communication.



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