If you’re going to go at Cole Beasley on Twitter, you better bring your ‘A’ game, otherwise you’re going to get torched. 

A Cowboys fan found that out the hard way on Tuesday after sending a tweet to Beasley that basically questioned the receiver’s decision to sign with Buffalo. Although the Cowboys were hoping to keep Beasley, the receiver ended up signing with the Bills after they offered a four-year, $29 million deal that included $14.4 million in guaranteed money. Basically, it was an amount of money that he was never going to get from the Cowboys. 

After news of the signing came out, a Cowboys fan told him the decision was a “Big mistake.”

And that’s when Beasley dropped a bomb. 


That tweet is a perfect response for multiple reasons. First, it’s funny without being mean, and it’s also Beasley’s way of saying that the Cowboys are basically no better than the Bills. If you’re looking at just the past seven seasons, neither team has a lot to brag about. Although the Cowboys have been to the playoffs three times, they’ve never advanced past the divisional round. As for the Bills, they’ve only been to the playoffs once in the past seven years. 

By the way, Beasley clearly seems slightly bitter about the end of his time in Dallas. Not only did he take this shot at the Cowboys, but back in February, he also took another shot on Twitter. According to Beasley, it’s not easy to get paid in the Cowboys offense, because the “front office pushes who they want to get the ball to.”

The good news in all of this for Beasley is that he’s actually going to have a chance to get revenge on the Cowboys this season since the Bills will be traveling to Dallas in 2019. The exact date of that game won’t be known until the NFL schedule comes out in April. 



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