Russell Westbrook did not hold back in threatening a Utah Jazz fan — and the man’s wife — on Monday night.

According to Westbrook, two of his teammates and NBA legend Dwyane Wade, the fan and his wife weren’t exactly restraining themselves from the seats of Vivint Smart Home Arena, either.

But which side of Monday’s viral scuffle deserves more punishment? Should Westbrook be fined for his F-bombs? Should the fans be barred for their alleged comments? Should the NBA step in and do something to prevent incidents like this happening in the future?

“I think that everyone here is in the wrong,” former NBA veteran Raja Bell said on Tuesday’s edition of the Off The Bench podcast (subscribe here). “I do not support Russell Westbrook, as an NBA player, engaging with fans to that degree. As a human being (though) it happens.”

After painting context on that situation, such as noting the fan’s suspect tweets in the past about Westbrook, Danny Kanell, along with Bell, added that if the fan didn’t want that kind of reaction from Westbrook, he could’ve kept his mouth shut. And as former athletes, they believe that players need to be more protected from fans.

“Fans shouldn’t have just free rein,” Kanell said. “If they do, then the players should too. If you’re not going to kick them out, then the players shouldn’t have to just sit there and take it.” 

In between NFL free agency talk and much more, the guys debated more on whether Westbrook was right to go after the fan, largely taking his side in opposition to what Russ claimed the fans did. Bell even talked about his experiences playing basketball in Utah. Still, they agree that Westbrook himself probably warrants a fine, and that the league should take swift and equal action against the fan.

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