Ben Simmons just cannot stop getting dunked on. 

One day after getting posterized by Jayson Tatum, Simmons once again found himself the victim on Wednesday night in New York. This time the culprit was Knicks rookie Kevin Knox, who decided to show absolutely no mercy against Simmons at the rim.

Yeesh, that is a tough look for Simmons. Not only was he completely wrecked by Knox at the rim, but the dunk was so vicious that it sent the young Sixers star flying to his caboose under the basket.

Knox’s brutal slam was made possible by a great pass from DeAndre Jordan, but not even Jordan could seem to believe what he witnessed. It led to yet another fantastic dunk reaction from the big man.

As you’d imagine, Twitter had plenty to say about Simmons getting victimized for the second consecutive night, and there were plenty of jokes to go around. It’s one thing to get dunked on during a game, but an especially bad posterization also brings the harsh reality of getting relentlessly dunked on by NBA Twitter.

In any case, Simmons’ 76ers came away with the 126-111 victory, so that’s a plus. He’ll also have a few days of rest before he has to subject himself to the possibility of getting dunked on again. Luckily, his next few games will be the the Rising Stars game and NBA All-Star Game this weekend, and defense in those games is generally considered optional.



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