Ben Simmons has one of the rarer skillsets that the NBA has ever seen.

It rivals that of Los Angeles Lakers legend Magic Johnson, so it would make sense that the Philadelphia 76ers forward wants to learn from Johnson. Prior to Sunday’s game between the Lakers and Sixers, Johnson revealed that Simmons wants to be mentored by him in the offseason and Johnson would be willing to share his knowledge if the league signs off on it.

Johnson and Simmons have similar playing styles as both filled the point-forward role that is very rare. Simmons stands 6’10 while Johnson stands 6’9, so their build is also similar, which is certainly one of the reasons that the Sixers forward might want to get together.

Despite not having a consistent jump shot, Simmons has already blossomed into one of the more talented young players in the NBA. Earlier this month, Simmons was selected as an Eastern Conference reserve and will be suiting up for Team LeBron in this month’s All-Star Game in Charlotte.

This certainly will be an interesting situation to watch because there could be a tampering layer to this if Johnson doesn’t get league approval before meeting with Simmons. However, it definitely looks like Johnson is taking all the necessary precautions for such a meeting.



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